"Insider": Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this program's purpose?

Your confidential information can be saved as a file (photo, document, program, music or video file etc.). You do not want anyone to know your secret and anyone to suspect you have a secret. Insider allows the user to conceal details (of their private life or business) from unauthorized viewers.

If the user needs to conceal confidential files, he can use various programs for protection. Meanwhile these programs do not allow use of the concealed data as easily and safely as you can with normally unprotected files.

Our program is not available obviously. It is hidden inside another, absolutely inconspicious program (file compression utility). Confidential files are compressed and kept inside containers - usually pictures. These pictures (containers) themselves are not distorted. Any program that can be used to view the pictures will show the container's content only.

The above mentioned features are very important psychologically. When there is no indication of an encrypted file, encryption program or special encryption tools are not evident, the computer's owner is above of suspicion. As a result nobody will try to reveal their confidential information.

Insider creates compressed archives and works with these files while the archives themselves are not evident on the user's computer. To encrypt a compressed archive before hiding it, the latest strong cryptography methods known, e.g. AES are used. The size of a hidden file is not limited. If you know the right password, the hidden archive can be viewed and processed very easily.

If this program had deleted the file they could not be restored. Any special software or hardware is powerless to restore them.

This program may be used for information exchange via Internet. Hidden archives may be sent via e-mail or published on web sites. You may also send the photos (with hidden files) via mobile operators. The files (containers) may be kept within mobile phones or digital cameras where they will look like usual photos.

How to install and uninstall the program?

There is no special task to install. Just run self extractable archive.

To uninstall program, just delete all files and you're done.

What is the difference between the free and the commercial (full) versions?

The Shortcut keys combination for the free version is fixed at "222"; for full version - other The "Password" for the free version is fixed and can not be changed. The encrypting method is more secure for the commercial version.

What cryptography methods are used?

Free version - 64-bit DES Full version - 8 the best known algorithms known to date.

How the files are deleted?

Our program allows you to shred your secret files from your computer when you hide them inside another file. Moving the files to the Recycle Bin only creates an illusion of data destruction. Simply writing over the old files also does not destroy the old information reliably. The hard drive writing head positioning inaccuracy does not completely remove magnetic information on each side of track. Data recovery methods could permit recovery of this information.

This program uses a special method of overwriting files with random byte combinations which makes recovery impossible. This technology conforms to the Peter Gutman method, which makes software and hardware file recovery impossible.

How to set the password?

With today's sophisticated password recovery programs, it is recommended that you use rules for creating your password that make password recovery almost impossible. Your password should not be shorter than 6 characters; you should use both upper and lower case letters; you should also include at least one number (0 - 9) and one special character (e.g. !@#$%^&*()_~`). Birthdays, proper names and common words are easily decrypted so if security is important, follow the above rules.

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