ThumbsDb Game

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What your computer is hiding from you: hidden pictures from your computer.

Every computer retains hidden information about its user. Our game will show some of this cryptically data. The more successful the player, the higher his play level, the more hidden images will appear, randomly selected for each game from the computer's secret repositories.

During the game, find a pair for each picture by clicking on the playing field. The winning game allows you to up the play level and to view all images within the playing field in full size.

Bonuses are awarded for the fast and accurate game (separately for the number of clicks and used time), and can be spent to open part of the playing field in future games.

The game has 50 levels with different number of randomly selected images.

Play time and the number of clicks for each game are limited, but these parameters can be changed in the “Settings”.

Track Bar “Play Level” allow you to select any level for the next game from the previously completed.

The source of images for the game can be any folders with photos. Create pictures for the game by yourself. So you can exercise your memory with pictures of your favorite characters or your loved ones.

In the free version, the player can shred and erase files with hidden pictures at the last level of the game only. In the full version, the player can destroy files with hidden pictures at any play level.

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